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Biscoff cake


Cookies n' cream cake


Chocolate Guinness cake



Chocolate & Hazelnut (Nutella) Cake

Sunberry bakery cakes in North London Islington

I think it is a minority of people who don't like nutella, or in some form or another, the combination of chocolate and hazelnut.  We happen to be big fans and couldn't wait for it to get cooler so we could bring this one around.  Here it is topped with a hazelnut praline shards.

Seasonal Sunberry

Sunberry bakes cakes for St. Paul Islington in the North London bakery

Will we be the first to officially say it?  

Is summer - as glorious as it has been, which seemed to stretch on endlessly for so many days, with temperatures more akin to a mediterranean climate - is it finally over?  

It's been a weekend full of showers over the bank holiday weekend, which quickly reminds us of that staying indoors, listening to the rain, and getting wrapped up in some of our favourite layers is sometimes what being British is all about.  

Well, if we're going to officiate summer's end, then we're also heralding in autumn, and with that, we're open to a whole new range of everyone's favourite autumnal flavours.  We'll be working with a wide range of variety apples and pears, and all sorts of harvest fruits, like these Royal Gala apples cooked down into a beautifully aromatic apple sponge. We also added a layer of the stewed apples, which we then topped with a generous layer of the crunchiest, golden crumble clusters. 

We really love the smell of cinnamon, and soon, it will be the cloves...

Latest Customer Survey at St. Paul Islington


As of 25 August, Saturday morning:

1) Coffee Walnut -- 11

2) Tiramisu Cake -- 6

3) Banoffee Cake -- 5 

4) Carrot Cake -- 5

5) Lemon Meringue Pie Cake -- 4

The Classic Chocolate has arrived!

Sunberry bake cake bakery London Islington

Finally... it's been so hot for so long here, that we've been avoiding - relunctantly - the deeper, richer, flavours, and instead have been focusing on the light and fruity.  

But no more!  With the cooler days here, and looking like they'll stay, we had to introduce our classic, chocolate cake.  Sometimes, nothing beats a classic cake, although of course we always look to elevate flavours.  

In this cake, we wanted the flavour profile and its smooth, elegant look to match.  Often chocolate cake can be a bit on the sweet side, so here, we tempered its sweetness by adding some savoury flavours to the ganache.  It's a subtle difference, but it really lifts the cake.

Cherry & Almond

Sunberry bake cake bakery London Islington

Another Cherry Bakewell, fully of glace cherries and cherry preserves in the middle.  Whoever was the darling that invented this flavour combination, you will be forever remembered!  

Lemon Meringue Cake

Sunberry cake London Islington bakery bakes

We thought and thought about how to decorate this cake differently, given that it's a returning favourite by demand.  Our thought process went something like this: a really, truly, great, lemon meringue pie is all about ratios... a generous, really amazing, tangy, almost-custard-like lemon curd layer, to that thick layer of meringue.  

So we focused on delivering this, which in the end, meant covering the cake in a healthy lashing of meringue.  

Blackberry & Elderflower


She is just a beaut, no?  Amazed that our cakes are made with simple, organic ingredients and yet have such shine.  

Carrot & Walnut Cake just gets bigger!

Carrot cake at St. Paul Islington in North London by the Sunberry Baking Company

We did it again - another carrot cake the size of which barely fits into a cake box.  See our cakes & bakes section for this behemoth!

Choosing Sunberry's best

Sunberry bake cakes in North London Islington at St. Paul

The voting continues on our wide array of flavours over at St. Paul Islington. We're so curious to see what our customers like the most.


Sunberry bake cakes in north London Islington

Our weekend's cakes - banoffee and coffee & walnut.  Some of our most popular flavours.

Grapefruit Drizzles


Test kitchen - grapefruit is such a delicate citrus flavour that is so easily lost inside the richness of a cake.  We were determined to find that line between subtle, lingering on the tongue citrus, and clearly identifiable grapefruit.  We nailed it, we think - and it all comes down to the ingredients!

Birthday Blueberry Pie


It's Elliot's birthday!  Which usually means blueberry pie.  

Happy birthday!  and have a lovely weekend all!

Chocolate & Orange Cake


Look at this sheen!

Tiramisu Cake

Sunberry Tiramisu Cake at St. Paul Islington, North London

Finally!  This cake is so good, with its soaked layers of coffee and brandy, we may just go and get a slice for ourselves!  See you tonight if you're getting one!

Raspberry & White Chocolate


Wow... just love this cake.  It's so simple and yet so complex; rich yet smooth; demure, yet fun.  And it tastes great, too.

Blueberry Bundt Cake

Sunberry blueberry bundt cake at St. Paul Islington, North London.  Bespoke cakes made to order!

We love the ringed look on the frosting for this.  Baked blueberries with the sponge, and a blueberry reduction topping that really concentrates the blueberry flavour, without the tang.  Really amazing. 

"Banoffee Pie" Cake

Sunberry bespoke cakes "banoffee pie" cake in North London, Islington for St. Paul Islington

We've been itching to make this one for some time now, but have waited on this (and other richer flavours) given the unseasonally long hot summer so far.  

Sunberry bakes bread

Sunberry bakes bread instead of cakes in North London at St. Paul Islington

We spent the weekend learning as guests in the Bread Ahead Baking School, located in Borough Market.  Here's Alex looking a little too pleased with herself and her sweet doughs!

Brioche roll


And here she is again, with her brioche plait.  Heaps of  butter worked in to the dough.

Elliot makes his first paska, a Ukranian enriched bread with orange zest.  Butter folded in bits.

Elliot makes his first paska, a Ukrainian sweet, enriched bread.  Not unlike a brioche, where the butter is folded in after the dough is assembled, but made with less butter.  And orange zest.  What a tasty bread!


Alex's paska... we couldn't decide which looked better.

Blackberry & Elderflower

Sunberry blackberry & elderflower cake at St. Paul Islington, North London.

We can't get enough of this unassuming cake. Blackberries have a specific, acidic, tang that really goes well to offset a sweet buttercream, with a taste that is just different to a raspberry or blueberry.  

Anyway, here with an ombre finish.

Lemon is the summer king

Sunberry lemon and basil and mint cake North london.

We do like to come back to our favourite flavours, and so do our customers.  

We've brought back the Lemon & Basil & Mint cake for the weekend, at St. Paul Islington.

Glace Cherry & Almond

Sunberry Cherry & Almond Cake at St. Paul Islington in North London.

The Cherry Bakewell is as English as pudding - but here, it's a cake.

Blueberry & Lemon

Sunberry Blueberry & Lemon Cake at St. Paul Islington, North London

A classic cake flavour here - Blueberry & Lemon  (which might be the favourite flavour of one of us!)

Our answer to the Carrot Cake Off challenge at St. Paul Islington

Sunberry Carrot Cake with Walnuts at St. Paul Islington, in North London.

Our massive, 3 layer, promotional carrot cake and walnuts.  We made this as a contestant in a Carrot Cake Off at St. Paul Islington.

Everyone loves Coffee & Walnut

Sunberry coffee & walnut cake at St. Paul Islington in London

This cake is probably one of our best sellers - it goes so quickly when we put it out.  And we can't blame you - it's too good! Extra moist cake that is steeped in that rich, coffee flavour... 

"Lemon Meringue Pie" Cake

lemon meringue pie cake islington bake

Lemon is probably the king of summer time flavours.  Here we've made the all time classic lemon meringue into a cake. 

Peaches and Italian Mascarpone Cream


Summer in the UK continues to be an unusually glorious one.  It's really defining our flavour palette at the moment.  Here, we took yet another classic summertime combo and caked it. As usual.

Coconut & Passionfruit


These cool dark chocolate swirls on the outside hide the coconut and passionfruit interior.  Another summertime combination.

Raspberry Lemonade!

Don't let the dramatic shadows fool you; inside it's colours showcasing our raspberry lemonade cake!

Don't let the dramatic shadows fool you; inside it's all fun colours in pink and red, showcasing our raspberry lemonade cake!  (See our "Cakes & Bakes" section for less dramatic photos.)

Test kitchen - "sweet vine and wine"

sweet wine cake with wine jelly and grape buttercream islington cakes

Experimenting with full-bodied flavours this week again - merlot reduction jelly, merlot juice & wine reduction drizzle, and sweet wine buttercream.  Grapey and mature, yet sweet.

Our cakes in store

St. Paul Islington Sunberry bake key lime pie cake

Here we can see one of our key lime pie cakes out for consumption.

Summer fete


We love our North London community, and especially love combining it with cake!  Sunberry has proudly offered a few of its bakes and cakes for charity. Here is Alex strolling the WI's stall in de beauvoir.

Orders this week


Several cake orders this week, and new flavours to match.  Key lime pie cake is a new one to try!

It's in the details


Even the smallest details make such a difference to the overall look of the cake; this might be the middle layer, but we think the effort is worth it.

Summer delights

islington hazelut meringue roulade gluten-free summer treat

A hazelnut meringue roulade - made for dessert after a birthday barbeque.  The perfect end to a meal - light, chocolately, and also happens to be gluten-free.

Orange liqueur


Elliot woke up one morning and was dreaming of crepes Suzette.  Alex set out to see how she could create this classic flavour in cake form. Thus this was born.

Chocolate work

chocolate work writing cake decoration north london islington

We had some fun writing out some script for a gorgeous chocolate cake commissioned for a birthday.  (More photos in the "Cakes & Bakes" section.)