About Us

Alex & Elliot

Alex - Some people work out, others listen to music, or go out, maybe have a glass of wine - but for me, my ideal way to unwind and destress has always been to come home and bake.  I learned to bake from my Grandma, and it's my fondest memory from childhood.  I think there's a piece of that in our bakes.

Elliot - Brooklyn-born, I came to the UK about 10 years ago and have made London my home.  Funny enough, I never had much of a sweet tooth until I met Alex.  I would eat her cakes and bakes and think they were definitely delicious, but it was only after some time, when I started looking at other bakes out there, that I realized: I'd been spoiled, because her bakes were unbelievable in comparison! That's when I knew we had to get her baking out there.  So I'm passionate about sharing what I now know to be some of the softest and most delicious bakes.